What is MBEL?

Nowadays, mindfulness is often used for reducing stress, as a therapy modality, or for improving an individual’s personal and business prospects.

MBEL, on the other hand, takes mindfulness-based exploration to address the existential and ethical issues of individuals and their impact on the planet. The MBEL approach goes back to the 2500 years-old roots of Buddhist meditation and mindfulness practices, where mindfulness and ethical living were intertwined.

MBEL is not something to achieve. It is a commitment to a lifelong process of learning and growth through personal experience and mindful reflection on our reactivity to life’s fundamental realities, such as aging, illness, death, as well as other challenges that we face in an interconnected and complex world.

What can you learn?

MBEL utilizes the framework of ELSA (Embrace life, Let reactivity be, See reactivity fade, Act), an approach inspired by Stephen Batchelor’s work. ELSA serves as a roadmap that guides individuals towards an ethical and authentic life. It combines the contemporary application of mindfulness with its original, historical roots. 

ELSA represents a system of acceptance, self-reflection, and ethical action that encompasses all aspects of human existence and relationships. It is not a fixed path, but a continuous feedback loop that fosters appropriate, creative, and ethical responses to an ever-changing fragile world.

In the MBEL course you can learn

•  how to practice mindfulness and other qualities to live an ethical, genuine, and meaningful life,

•  to embrace your own existence as free yet always uncertain, take accountability for it, and cultivate your authenticity, which gives your life expression and purpose,

•  how to find answers within yourself to questions like “What can I do?” and “What should I do?” and

•  how to gain greater clarity about your values and the meaning of life.

Exploring life’s important questions through mindfulness enhances your ability to self-reflect, take appropriate action, and live an authentic and ethical life.

What isn't taught in mbel?

•  MBEL isn’t a specific way of searching for truth, nor does it claim to have all the answers.

•  MBEL doesn’t provide a definitive response to questions like “What is the best ethics?” or “What is the best morality?” or “What is right or wrong”?

MBEL helps you find your own answers.